Dear CKA members and their loved ones,

I hope that this message finds all karateka and their loved ones safe and healthy. Currently all of us around the globe find ourselves in an unprecedented public health crisis. This situation has touched us all in one way or another and will no doubt impact our lives in the weeks and months ahead. This impact may be to our health or our financial wellbeing.

None of us are alone in this situation. Now is a time to support and care for one another. Even though you might find yourself in isolation or quarantine, reach out to one another by any means available.  Stay in touch with family and dojo colleagues.

I urge everyone to stay positive. We will get through this and like all challenges we will find ourselves stronger.

I hope that you will continue to train no matter where you are or what the conditions might be. Self-training requires some degree of discipline so now is the time to test oneself.

Our dojo’s are temporarily closed but please remember this:-

“Jiki Shin Kore Dojo” (A willing heart is the dojo). (直心是道場)

Our contemporary lifestyle surrounds us with equipment and comfortable places to train. But when those are gone or not available how do we acquire competence and skill in our art?  Here we look within to study. If we truly wish to learn and progress we must understand the dojo within each of us.

It is not a building it is inside you.

I look forward to training with you all again in happier times.

Best regards



Dave Davenport

Chief Instructor, 6th Dan EKF