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“…as a parent we are very pleased with the CKA’s teaching. The Instructors are friendly and approachable. We would highly recommend the CKA to other parents and students. Thank you for all your efforts...” – from a parent of a current 8th kyu student

 “…my daughter and I started karate with the CKA to boost her confidence, spend some time doing something fun together and to learn new skills. Thanks to the encouragement and enthusiasm of all the Instructors, the friendly and welcoming environment and the excellent balance of fun & discipline in lessons, we have achieved all of that and more. The CKA is a fantastic organisation, in no small part thanks to the commitment that the Instructors put in, so thank you all…..” – this from a father & daughter, current students, 7th kyu

“…all in all I absolutely love karate and I feel the CKA has been top class…” – current student 6th kyu

 “….I thoroughly enjoy my training at the CKA and my experience there has been entirely positive; the classes give me what I need whilst offering new goals and objectives...” – current student, 3rd kyu

 “…my child enjoys their karate; they find the Instructors to be helpful and friendly. They also like the fact that the lessons are not monotonous and there is quite a bit of variation…. – parent of current 7th kyu