Kihon (基本, きほん) is a Japanese term meaning “basics” or “fundamentals”. This is where you will be taught all the basic stances, blocks, strikes, punches and kicks. You will start off with fairly simple moves, which become more and more advanced as you progress. Bear in mind the techniques taught may be alien to your body and you are asking it to do something it hasn’t done before, so be patient and persevere. As quoted in the JKA Technical Manual for the Instructor:

“The repeated technique over a time continuum is a creation of quality and substance paralleled in technique and practitioner, a must for improvement. […]

Proficiency in basics (KIHON) cannot be overly emphasized. Eventually this leads to being ahead of whom seemed to be ahead in the beginning. […]

Fundamental Principles of Basics (KIHON):

a. Diligent training is very important to attain maximum speed and power. Impeccable control and maximum efficiency of power are a must in order to handle the stronger opponent. Practice with the aide of the Punching Board (MAKIWARA) or sandbag is helpful to develop hands and feet, as well as daily training to master all techniques.

b. Proper balance, concentration of power, proper course in delivery, speed, rotation of hips, shifting the hips forward are the elements to apply in daily practice. Punching, striking, kicking and blocking must be executed with the hips as being the center, and power generated from the whole body to course through the hands and feet.

c. When techniques are used, all unnecessary power must be eliminated in order to create a strong source of power. Generating a bolus of power is done as follow: 0-10-0 where there is a sudden burst of power followed by total relaxation of the body but with an attentive, poised mind, ready for the next action to repeat this whole process.”

(JKA Technical Manual for the Instructor)