“Karate is a lifetime study.” (Kenwa Mabuni)

You will find below the requirements to attain each of the grades in our syllabus, from 10th Kyu all the way to Sandan.

Alternatively you may access all of the CKA syllabus (in a printable all-in-one version).



CKA Gradings for Kyu and Dan Grades take place 4 times a year (in March, June, September and December). Grading examinations cover all grades up to Black Belt 3rd Dan and will generally take place in the Chesham dojo. All students are encouraged to train on Grading Sundays (Standard Grading fees apply).

Subject to attending the minimum number of lessons (and with the blessing of your Sensei), it is generally possible to grade on a quarterly basis. A minimum of 6 months’ training is however required before attempting to grade to 2nd kyu and another 6 months before moving to 1st kyu. A minimum of 1 year training is subsequently required before attempting to grade to Shodan (on invitation only).


Grading Syllabus Training

To support our students preparing for grading, CKA also runs dedicated syllabus training sessions (8 times per year). Classes will be divided into small groups and training will focus on the grading syllabus including the Kihon (basics), Kumite (sparring) and Kata required for grading examinations. Please refer to our calendar for details about the forthcoming grading training sessions.