Secret Karate

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Title: Secret Karate
Author: Ashley Croft


WHEN CREATING KARATE KATA, the Okinawan masters included deadly techniques targeting vital points. But they kept these techniques secret from outsiders and, when karate was exported to Japan, it appears that they chose not to pass on their full knowledge of vital point striking. As a result much of the knowledge on the subject remained hidden from the vast majority of practitioners. In recent times thanks to modern Instructors such as Professor Rick Clark these techniques have been revived, and it is thought that they may help to explain some of the more obscure moves contained within all the martial arts.

This book is the culmination of substantial research by Ashley Croft which will help to demystify the subject and provide a detailed historical perspective on the evolution of Karate generally, tracing its routes back from Japan through Okinawa to China itself.

Subjects covered are:

  • Historical perspectives: the evolution of karate, the possible intentions of the ancient masters, and the development of vital point striking.
  • Anatomy and Eastern medical concepts. The meridians, acupoints and vital energy flow (Qi).
  • Location and description of the pressure points, and the practical application of pressure point strikes.
  • Analysing the kata, identifying the possible purpose of the moves, and developing workable combinations using the various vital points.

With over 300 illustrations, this book is an invaluable learning aid for those interested in gaining a deeper understanding of karate kata and exploring the hidden facets of this fascinating martial art.