[ SPECIAL EVENT ] Training, BBQ & Awards Ceremony


Please note that this year’s CKA Annual BBQ will be held on Sunday 7th July 2019, in Hazlemere. The day will start with a morning training session at the Holmer Green dojo. This will also be the opportunity to hold our annual CKA Awards ceremony. This year, the following will be awarded :

– Budoka Award (one who follows the code of the martial arts) – to a karateka (adult or junior) who has shown consistent great etiquette and/or great attitude towards training ;

– Kokoro Award (heart of a warrior) – to a karateka (adult or junior) that has shown great effort and/or great perseverance in their training ;

– Kaizen Award (improvement) – to a karateka (adult or junior) that has made significant progress & improvement, above and beyond what was expected ;

– Jonothan Greening Award – to a person that shows great character & determination over adversity – not always awarded if no-one stands out ;

– Chief Instructor’s Award – given to the student who has impressed our Chief Instructor the most, for whatever reason, over the last 12 months.

Remember….. This event is for ALL the family, so please bring wives, husbands, partners, children, etc. to celebrate another wonderful year for the CKA!!! Please speak to Davenport Sensei or your instructor for further details or to book your place.