[ SPECIAL EVENT ] Training with Nagaki Shinji Sensei (JKS 5th Dan)


On the 18th and 19th of June, some of us had the opportunity to train with one of the renowned JKS instructors, Nagaki Shinji Sensei (5th Dan) at the Harrow and Kingsbury dojo. Initially trained by his father Mitsuru Nagaki (8th Dan), 9 times Japan JKA kata champion and 3 times JKA world champion (kumite and kata), himself became world champion in 2004 in Mexico.

A sympathic and approachable character, keen to share his passion and fantastic knowledge of the art…

The Wednesday session was spent going through all of the Heian (平安) kata, before a focus on Kanku Sho (観空小). Throughout the session, Nagaki Sensei focused on specific details and aspects of execution, e.g. Morote-Uke (諸手添受) (and the use of the hips through Hanmi-Shomen transitions to generate power) ; Kukomi Keage (蹴上) (and the opening of the hips through compression- expansion to generate power) ; Tetsui (鉄槌打) in Heian Shodan ; Hizi Geri (膝蹴) in Heian Sandan ; differences between Budo and sport kata (such as the last jump in Kanku Sho) ; the unification of techniques in view of the forthcoming Olympic Games (Japan 2020) ; etc.

A great session and a very warm welcome from Shyam Raithatha Sensei ! Thank you !


Some videos from the training session:


– Detail from Kanku Sho



– Kukomi Keage



– Detail from Heian Godan



Detail from Empi