Dear CKA members and their loved ones

The past few months have been challenging for us all and has been a unique experience for everyone. The CKA, like every other karate club & association, has had to adapt to the COVID-19 pandemic as best as we can, and so we turned our attention away from the Dojo and embraced the world of on-line Zoom training.

I wish to express my deepest gratitude to the senior CKA instructors who have taught from their homes and the CKA students who have taken part in our on-line sessions. I personally have found it difficult to migrate from the dojo to the internet, but I have truly enjoyed the chance to train & stay in contact with you all.

We now find ourselves at a place where restrictions on our lives are being lifted and part of that will be the re-opening of the CKA dojo’s.

The EKF (our governing body) has issued all karate associations with detailed instructions, allowing in theory clubs to reopen from Saturday 25th July.

The ruling council of the CKA (the Shihankai) are currently looking at the detail of what we need to do, in order to provide our members with a safe place to train. We also need to take into account that some of our venues will not allow us to reopen before September.

Once we have a clear & safe pathway for our dojo’s to reopen, I will send you an update explaining what to expect when each CKA dojo reopens and what you will need to do to comply with the new guidelines set by the EKF.

In the meantime, our Zoom sessions will continue until further notice.

Many thanks for your continued support.