[ UPDATE / COVID ] Latest news from the EKF


To ensure its members train in the safest possible way, the CKA will always follow the guidelines as set by the EKF (English Karate Federation), aligned with the governance and instructions of Sport England. Please find below the latest communication from the EKF, with regards to training according to “local lock-downs” and the “three-tier” approach:-



Dear Chiltern Karate Association,

As I am sure you are aware, the government are now applying a ‘three-tier’ approach to local lock-downs in an attempt to control the increasing spread of the COVID virus.

This has caused some confusion among members about what they can and cannot do in terms of their club’s remaining open. We have been seeking advice and wish to notify you of the following.

In simple terms the following applies:-

TIER ONE – Clubs can continue to train as per the EKF Guidance issued in July. Members may commune/socialise prior and after sessions both indoors and outdoors, but the ‘rule of six’ applies. That is no more than six people of any age can mix socially.

TIER TWO – Clubs can continue to train as per EKF Guidance, but there must be no indoor socialising/communing of mixed households. Again, the ‘rule of six’ applies. Club members may socialise outside but in groups no larger than six.

TIER THREE – This becomes more complicated. In these situations, the local authority will make clear the extent and reach of the lock-down. If sport and leisure centres are allowed to remain open, then you can continue to train but there must be no socialising between people from different households at any time both indoors and outdoors. It is also a possibility that training may be limited to Under 18’s only. That is Adults will not be allowed to train.

What is essential is that ALL EKF clubs strictly follow the EKF guidance. We know that this limits the training allowed, but we must all comply. If we do not, then we risk losing the concessions we have been allowed. Please note (and appreciate) that the ‘rules’ can quickly change. This advice is based on the best currently available. If there are any changes, you will be notified.

Stay safe and keep those around you safe.

Steve Coupland

EKF President