[ UPDATE / COVID ] Resuming Zoom training and latest news from the EKF

Following the government’s decision to move back into lockdown from Thursday the 5th of November onwards, it is our understanding that face-to-face training will need to be suspended until early December – at the earliest.

Zoom classes will resume, starting on Thursday with Sensei Thornton. 

Further information will follow as and when Sport England will update their guidelines. In the meantime, please find below the latest communication from the English Karate Federation:


Dear Member

As you will all be aware the Government are imposing a National lockdown from Thursday 5th November.

It is the EKF’s understanding that all grassroots sport, including karate classes, must stop both indoor and outdoor.

We are seeking further advice and will inform members accordingly as and when such advice becomes available.

There has been some confusion around the issue of Elite Sport. For clarity, there is no Elite Sport within the EKF and karate in England, except for a very small handful of people who are part of an Olympic pathway. The EKF are not able to meet the demands required to run EKF Elite squads, but are looking to open further Zoom type sessions for EKF National Squad members

For absolute clarity, Association Elite squads do not meet the criteria to run elite classes, and these should not happen.

We know our clubs and members face a hard time ahead. The EKF will continue to make representations to Sport England, and Government to seek the best outcomes for our members. Our hope is we will have permission to re-open our clubs in December.

In the meantime, stay safe and keep those around you safe.

Kind regards

Steve Coupland