[ COMPETITION ] CKA 2010 Competition & Open Day

On the 14th November 2010 the Chiltern Karate Association (CKA) held a KARATE Competition in Kata and Kumite at Chesham Community College.

The association which was founded in 1993 and is still headed by the much published Sensei Ashley Croft 6th Dan has many CKA Clubs or Dojo’s around Buckinghamshire in Chesham, Holmer Green, Denham, Aylesbury and Amersham, the association has approximately 150 active members — check out our locations.

The competition was organised by Sensei David Davenport, this was the first Club Competition to have been held by the Association in a number of years and was anxiously awaited by many members of the various Dojo’s.

The turn-out of CKA members, the enthusiasm shown and participation rate was excellent and a larger number of both Senior and Junior Grades of all ages and abilities supported the club in entering the multiple events during the day. Additionally there were a number of both team and individual demonstrations on many levels all supported by the obligatory refreshments stand and to add additional pressure to the competitors we had a VIP present through much of the proceedings as the Mayor of Chesham attended for all the afternoon sessions.

The Competition Class events were split between Adult and Junior (Under and over 16 years) and Kyu Grade level of “2nd Kyu and Over” or “3rd kyu and Under” — all classes, and all sections of the competition had a set of prizes and trophies for 1st, 2nd and 3rd positions. There were demonstrations in Kata by the Denham Dojo Team, the Senior Grades put on a Bo (Stick Weapon) Demo and also a “Multi Person Attack” and “Chair Attack” demonstrations — some examples can be seen at the following links and the whole proceedings were coordinated by Sensei David Davenport from the Holmer Green Dojo.

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The Town Mayor of Chesham, Jane Bramwell watched all the finals and presented all the prizes to all participants – The outcomes for each of the competitions were as follows:

1st 2nd Joint 3rd
JUNIOR KATA : 6th KYU & BELOW Peter Heath Bonnie Briggs Varoonan Sritharan Niththilan Sritharan
JUNIOR KATA : 5th KYU & ABOVE Rhys Madden Gareth Tainton Prakhash Rajkumar Christopher Pringle
JUNIOR KUMITE : 6th KYU & ABOVE Rhys Madden Jack Slade Gareth Tainton Alex Phillips
SENIOR KATA : 3rd KYU & BELOW John Jackson Thomas Jackson Andy Phillips Damion Parmenter
SENIOR KATA : 2nd KYU & ABOVE Laura Graham Bernard Murray Mike Thornton Alex Ramsey
ADULT MALE KUMITE : 3rd KYU & BELOW John Jackson Damien Hampton Bob Pringle Richard Tudor
ADULT MALE KUMITE : 2nd KYU & ABOVE Bernard Murray Alex Ramsey Mike Thornton Martin Pringle
ADULT FEMALE KUMITE : 1st KYU & ABOVE Laura Graham Laura Noble
Best Demonstration “Jitte” – Bernard Murray / Mike Thornton / Laura Graham
Best Spirit & Etiquette Gareth Tainton
Sempai / Kohai Challenge “Sempai” – Dave Davenport / Paul James / Brian Warner / Juliet Guerri / Mick Brosnan

A great event — enjoyed by all club members the viewing family members, friends and the public.

For details of all future events, please contact Sensei Erin Thwaites at Aylesbury Dojo and Sensei David Davenport at Holmer Green Dojo.