[ SEMINAR ] Rick Clark Course May 2011

We were pleased to once again host the internationally renowned Professor Rick Clark in May. Following an unfortunate fall whilst at Giants Causeway, we were unable to host Professor Clark for what seamed far too long.

In his usual style we covered a vast number of techniques which I could only hope to describe here.

We started with an arm lock combined with an upwards push that, done correctly, would project your opponent up and back away from you.

The key to this technique was locking the arm straight in back stance (nearer to the opponent than you would think) then changing into front stance shoving them away from you.

A number of other moves followed, again using the Hapkido principle of using minimal movement on the part of the defender to achieve maximum impact on the opponent.

Professor Clark answered a number of questions including one on the effectiveness of pressure point striking. He robustly defended pressure point striking.

One classic move called The Zipper, run your knuckle down the centre of the breast bone, is so effective that nurses use it to see if a patient is alive or not – if you don’t react to that then your dead!

All in all this was a very enjoyable course and we were glad to again host Professor Rick Clark.