[ SEMINAR ] “Shu-Ha-Ri” (守破離), with Scott Langley

Well, well… What a great session, with Langley Sensei throwing spanners in the works throughout the day! Forget (or rather transcend…) the basics, and strive to apply principles before stances and techniques.

In other words, “Shu-Ha-Ri” (守破離): start by learning the rules (“Shu“: obey); reflect on what you have learnt and understand how the rules can be bent or tranformed (“Ha“: disgress); go beyond and create your own rules (“Ri“: transcend).

Bassai Dai reborn..!

“Karate is a lifetime study.” (Mabuni Kenwa)

“It is known that, when we learn or train in something, we pass through the stages of shu, ha, and ri. These stages are explained as follows. In shu, we repeat the forms and discipline ourselves so that our bodies absorb the forms that our forebears created. We remain faithful to these forms with no deviation. Next, in the stage of ha, once we have disciplined ourselves to acquire the forms and movements, we make innovations. In this process the forms may be broken and discarded. Finally, in ri, we completely depart from the forms, open the door to creative technique, and arrive in a place where we act in accordance with what our heart/mind desires, unhindered while not overstepping laws.” (Endō Seishirō)