Hi all,

To mark our 25th anniversary, we decided to revamp our current badge with a new version, fit for the next 25 years. The design has been produced by a top London graphics agency that has worked with prestigious companies like Audi, Burberry, Ocado, etc.

I hope you like it ! 😊

We wanted the design to be an evolution and not a revolution, and we wanted to ensure the following: –

Retain the Lion symbol, still facing right & in gold, but making the image more contemporary;

Retain the three main colours of Red, White and Gold – in Japanese culture, red is related to passion, white to purity and gold to strength. Traditionally, Japanese kanji is always in black;

Introduce the word “Shotokan” in kanji, forging our links to authentic Japanese karate-do;

– Keep the outer ring with the words “Chiltern Karate Association”;

– Celebrate our rich heritage & history by showing when the CKA was formed;

– Tighten the red half circle, sitting within a full white circle – again a reference to Japan and the rising sun emblem of Shotokan karate-do;

From today onwards, all members of the CKA will be required to wear a badge on their dogi – those with an old design badge can exchange for the new one (for free!). However, if you do not have a badge at all, then the cost will be £3 per badge.

Over the coming months we are hoping to offer clothing items to further promote the CKA!

Well done to all of you who graded today !!

D C Davenport

Chief Instructor – 6th Dan EKF