Today my thoughts turn to another incredible year for the CKA. There have been so many personal highlights for me: –

– Being given the great honour of leading the CKA in April, after Sensei Croft made his decision to follow a new path of Budo – my goal will be to promote the very best in authentic Japanese Shotokan karate-do. I am passionate in the belief that the CKA should always stay independent, but that we leverage the great contacts we have made within the Shotokan World to attract genuine world-class instructors to teach us, and to give our students unhindered access to a whole myriad of events;

– The new CKA logo… evolution not revolution…. a design that will carry through the next 25 years;

– The creation of a genuine leadership team – The Shihankai. We consult within the group on the best way to take the CKA forward and I cherish the role each member of the Shihankai plays;

– The first CKA Gasshuku to Tokyo, with eight students having a chance to experience training on a scale previously only dreamt about;

– The Summer Course & BBQ which had a record attendance – the plan going forward is to make the Summer Course a real focal point for the CKA and to introduce yearly awards this event. Please remember the BBQ is a social event for all your family & friends, a way to say “thank you” for the support they have shown in allowing you to follow the Shotokan path;

– Our first CKA Charity Week – it was so brilliant to see every dojo take part in a real show of CKA unity. As an association, we raised an incredible £605 for Prostate Cancer UK;

Scott Langley Sensei – for the second year running, the CKA hosted a true World Class instructor and again we had a record turnout.  In 2019 we will host Scott Sensei again in November, as well as Matt Price Sensei in March (ex-world Karate Champion). This proves the CKA can attract the best instructors in the world and allow our students access to exceptional teachers of karate-do.

– The Students – thank you for choosing to train with the CKA. I will never take for granted the fact that you choose to train at one of our dojo’s and I am grateful for your commitment not only to the CKA but also to karate-do. I promise that the CKA will only ever teach the very best in Shotokan karate-do and will strive to make you the very best that you can possibly be;

– The Yudansha – without a strong core of Dan Grades the CKA could not function…..from grading training to officiating at Kyu Gradings, your help & commitment is deeply appreciated. Karate-do is a never-ending journey of self-discovery and I am humbled & honoured that you choose to take that journey with the CKA;

– The Shihankai – Paul, Erin, Mike, Juliet…..many thanks for your unwavering support during 2018. We may not always agree on every point (!) but together we are strong. I look forward to working with you all in 2019 to grow the CKA and take it onwards.

Best regards,

Dave Davenport

Chief Instructor – CKA