[ UPDATE ] 2018 … (良いお年を)



What a great year it has been !

Starting with a group of students and Davenport Sensei travelling to Japan to train in some of the most daunting dojos in Tokyo, including the Takushoku University (I hear the next trip might be scheduled in 2020 ?)… Shibata Sensei, Kawawada Sensei, Taniyama Sensei.. Great memories !

We then had the opportunity to train with many great karateka – to name a few : Kobayashi Sensei at the JKA Crawley summer camp (Sochin kata); Abernethy Sensei in Oxford; Langley Sensei coming back to the Holmer Green dojo (form versus function and Chinte kata); and more… Keep an eye on next year’s schedule, with Matt Price visiting us in March !

Most importantly, Sensei Davenport took charge of the club after the departure of Sensei Croft, and a new logo (as well as a new certificate) were introduced to celebrate our club’s 25 years’ anniversary…

We also had our usual lot of social events such as the now famous Holmer Green (a.k.a. CKA) barbecue, our Christmas dinner, many Curry nights… And we finished the year with our charity week, raising money for Prostate Cancer UK..

Many thanks to you all (Sensei, Sempai and students alike) for your help in making the CKA what it has become over the past 25 years. We would like to wish you all and your family, all the best for 2019, enjoy a well deserved break and see you in the new year !

Happy New Year (良いお年を) !!