[ UPDATE ] Happy New Year !!! (良いお年を)


Akemashite omedetō gozaimasu – Happy New Year ! (良いお年を)

Just a quick note to remind and invite everyone to the CKA – Kagami Biraki training which will take place on Monday 7th January, from 8pm to 9pm in Holmer Green.

Kagami Biraki is a very traditional Japanese start to New Years training, and literally means “to open the mirror”. It was an old samurai tradition dating back to the 15th century that was adopted into modern martial arts in 1884, when Jigora Kano (the founder of judo) instituted the custom at the Kodokan. Since then other Japanese arts, such as aikido, karate, and jujutsu, have adopted the celebration that officially kicks off the new year — a tradition of renewal, rededication and spirit.

Part of the tradition at the end of the lesson, is to gather round & consume some Kagami Mochi (rice cakes) and a little Sake (rice wine) in a square masu cup…… for those of you who sampled the mochi cakes last year, please trust me that I have found a new supplier and they are soft & delicious!