[ FEATURE ] Training with Sensei Langley & Sensei Hotton (online, still)…


“I want fluidity in my karate”, Rick Hotton

Last week-end was supposed to be a week-end full of karate, with the usual quarterly CKA grading and the opportunity to train with Rick Hotton visiting the HDKI from the US… But unfortunately due to the current restrictions, grading had to be cancelled… But fortunately the HDKI decided to convert their seminar into an online event.!

The first part of the seminar (taught by Scott) was focused on the kata Wankan – a useful blend of instructions to understand the function behind the form.

The second part of the seminar was taught by Rick, giving us an insight into his karate journey and philosophy : why we should try to break free from the many constructs embedded in our daily training ; how we should transcend the forms and focus on fundamental principles instead, etc. ; and how this would ultimately help in improving our karate… We practised different stances, thinking of them as the results of movement (or as transition phases) rather than ultimate goals ; we investigated and tweaked combinations of techniques with a view to challenge our basic kihon practise (such as Maegeri + Kizami + Gyaku), and “break the mould”…

The fundamental principles discussed were :

1. Axial elongation (and be spatially aware) : “keep your back straight”
2. Connexion to the core : move your core and the extremeties will follow (and keep your shoulders down, etc.)
3. Keep breathing : “breathing is the mother of all techniques”
4. Develop awareness about the connectic chain : “draw a resonating line with maximum efficiency”
5. Sanchin : look to the horizon and practise without concerns (focus)

A truly enjoyable seminar, thank you. And see you in the flesh net year !

“You are a living, breathing, engaging the moment thing”, Rick Hotton