[ UPDATE / COVID ] Message from the EKF following today’s announcements : business as usual (for now…)



Dear Members

Following the government’s announcement regarding the ‘rule of six’ and the impact on sport we are aware there is considerable discussion and some confusion around the matter.

EKF immediately contacted Sport England for clarity. They have advised that it is their belief the new rules apply to Indoor TEAM sport, and that individual sports, like karate, can continue as we were doing. However, they are seeking further advice from Government

As such, for the time being it is business as usual. When we know more, we will make a further announcement through our usual means. Members should view with caution other information that is not directly from the EKF.

What is essential is that ALL EKF clubs strictly follow the ‘return to indoor guidance’ that was issued several weeks ago.

We know that this guidance is quite restrictive, but it is better than nothing. Social distancing and hygiene are key to us being able to continue. Hence there is no contact/partner work (even if they are from the same family).

Karate, like many sports, is in a precarious position. We need everyone working together, and keeping to the rules. If we do not, then the situation will become even worse but by working together we can come out the other side of this quicker.

Sadly, this pandemic is going nowhere soon, and today’s announcement should serve as warning to us all

Keep safe and keep those around you safe

Steve Coupland
EKF President