[ UPDATE / COVID ] Update from the EKF


Please find below the latest update from the EKF :

Dear Members

We are aware there is some confusion regarding the introduction of the new Tier system and how it affects our clubs. This is not helped by rumour and conjecture..

I will not go into all the nuances now, but for ease and simplicity, below is the current directive.

You must strictly adhere to the EKF Return to Training Guidance across all Tiers. Person to Person contact is prohibited, and social distancing protocols must be enforced throughout.

TIER ONE…. Clubs can re-open to all members. Further, you may now use handheld pads BUT they must be cleaned with appropriate sanitiser after each use. You are also required to ensure that pads are held at full arm’s length, and that in anyone session pairs do not mix

TIER TWO…. Clubs can open to all members as per EKF Guidance…..In short, as you were before Lockdown two

TIER THREE… Clubs can open but only Under 18s can train. Adults are not permitted to train indoors. Parents who bring their children to training are not allowed to remain in the dojo. They are required to leave, wait in their cars, or return later to collect their children.

*note… Members may now train bare footed across all tiers, providing that feet are sanitised and cleaned upon entry and exit. The training surface must be cleaned/sanitised prior to and post training (which is normal protocol for traditional dojo anyway).

Similarly, if your session involves floor exercises including sit-ups, press ups etc, then the surface must be thoroughly cleaned. Assisted stretching of any sort is not allowed at this time under any tier.

In opening your clubs, please remind all participants about socialising (communing) before and after session, which is defined in the General guidance issue by government.

Again, individuals are reminded that it is your place of residence that determines how you should behave under the tier system, and not the location of where your club might be.

We know it is incredibly difficult for members right now. The challenges to keep our clubs running are immense. The EKF continues to make representations on behalf of our members, and in the coming weeks we hope to be able to progress matters further. However, we do need your co-operation. It is not helpful when a minority of members flaunt EKF Guidance. It is this behaviour that hinders us all. The EKF Board intend to take stern action against those that breach EKF guidance, as it is this minority that puts us all at risk.

Please help us, to help you

Stay safe and keep those around you safe

Steve Coupland
EKF President