[ GRADING ] Annual Dan Gradings 2019

  Following today’s events at the Chiltern Karate Association and the Annual Dan Gradings 2019, we have pleasure in announcing the following awards and promotions: – Erin Thwaites – Rokudan – Paul James – Godan – Juliet Guerri – Godan – Michael Thornton – Yondan – Bernard Murray – Yondan – Paul Massey – Sandan – Alex Ramsey – Sandan – Olivier Javaud – Nidan … Continue reading [ GRADING ] Annual Dan Gradings 2019

[ GRADING ] Ganbatte (頑張って) !

Did you know … The Japanese version of “Good luck!” doesn’t actually say “Good luck!”… Ganbatte (頑張って) literally means “Do your best”… It is interesting to see that where Occidental culture refers to luck, Japanese culture emphasizes on your ability to influence upon your own destiny… If somebody says to you Ganbatte kudasai (頑張ってください) or Ganbatte (頑張って), you should reply Un, ganbaru! (うん、頑張る!) which means, … Continue reading [ GRADING ] Ganbatte (頑張って) !

[ GRADING ] Congratulations to …

  Congratulations to Toby Allen, Sam Green, Brian Hammond and Szymon Warsinski on passing the examination for Shodan last week-end ! And a special mention to Tanmay Mahesh who didn’t quite make it to Nidan. He took the decision with good grace and showed an excellent attitude to the news. I am sure he will come back stronger and better next time! Onwards & upwards…. … Continue reading [ GRADING ] Congratulations to …

[ IMPORTANT ] Grading Examination postponed to the 9th of September

  Please note that, as we would like as many students to attend, grading examination (that was due to take place on the 2nd of September) has now been postponed by one week and will now take place on the 9th of September: Location: Chesham Dojo, Chiltern Hills Academy, Chartridge Lane, Chesham HP5 2RG Programme: Training at 10am, following by grading examinatino at 11.30am Examinations … Continue reading [ IMPORTANT ] Grading Examination postponed to the 9th of September

Michael Thornton and Sensei Ashley Croft

[ FEATURE ] Michael Thornton: Thoughts on my last grading

When most students take up karate as a hobby or sport they will tell you that they have come along to keep fit, or to learn an art of self defence. The goal for most karateka ultimately is to be awarded a black belt. Unfortunately, if this is the only motivation to train then there is very little to keep the impetus going after you have acheived this goal.

Two years ago after a lot of hard work and sweat i managed to get awarded my black belt, and was told by several different senseis within the club that i had now come to the end of my training as a beginner, and could now become a proper student! Continue reading “[ FEATURE ] Michael Thornton: Thoughts on my last grading”