[ FEATURE ] 1sqm online seminar (with Scott Langley & Co.) : training notes


Another weekend, and yet further training opportunities !… After a 1.5 hour session with Scott Langley & Felipe Martins on Saturday, the HDKI organised yet another seminar on Sunday, 2 hours’ long, with Scott and the HDKI Hombu Dojo teaching crew :

Scott Langley 6th Dan

Ross Stewart 4th Dan

Audrius Janusauskas 3rd Dan

Ru Mew 2nd Dan

The first part of the lesson was spent analysing the differences between oi suki, kizami and giaku suki : beyond the punches, how to move forward into zenkutsu dachi (“push, squizz, drive”), the distinct ways to engage one’s hips and one’s shoulders. The second part of the lesson focused on kicking : maegeri, mawashi geri, before progressing into the realms of flying circular kicks (…)… The third part solely focused on giaku suzi : how to use the front leg as the anchor point whilst using the back leg – and more importantly the hips – to generate power.

The fourth and last part of the session consolidated some of the principles taught by Sensei Scott over the past few weeks and looked at how to make use of them in some Kihon combination (soto uke, empi, uraken, giaku suki) : using the ball (arch) of the foot to spring (forward), feeling the floor and keeping your stance alive, using compression / expansion techniques to generate power (e.g. by sitting onto the back leg prior to punching), etc. And utimately make sure that your training is complete: put your kihon into your kumite, your kumite into your kata, your kata into your kihon, and so on.

Part 4 of the course (Scott’s) can be viewed here.

Part 3 of the course (Ross’s) is essentially taught in this video.

Part 1 of the course (Ru’s) can be fund here.