[ FEATURE ] 1sqm online seminar (with Scott Langley & Felipe Martins) : training notes


As a reminder: the CKA is currently operating a reduced online training schedule, with opportunities to train on Mondays (7pm), Tuesdays (7pm), Wednesdays (7pm) and Thursdays (6:45pm). To obtain login details, please contact your instructor or alternatively use the forms on this website.

But the current situation is also providing additional opportunities to “meet” and train with senior karateka willing to (virtually) open their dojo to the wider community. The HDKI is particulary active on this front, with training sessions occurring on a weekly basis and open to all (Zoom and / or FaceBook Live). The JKA is also contributing to this effort with senior members and National Head Instructors offering training sessions on a daily basis (look for Martin Buchstaller and the “Training at Home” FaceBook page) !

Below are notes of a recent training session held on the 18th of April with Scott Langley, Technical Director of the HDKI and Felipe Martins, Head Instructor of the KWF Brazil.

After a short warm-up, the first part of the session focused on ways to use movements to engage the body and ultimately maximise power generation (starting with one’s feet properly connection to the floor). The second part of the session further investigated means of generating power, e.g. by transferring body mass to the target, by staying relaxed as much as possible – yet remaining concentrated on the target – and by adapting your karate to your body characteristics :

(a) Connecting with the floor using the first moves of Heian Yondan and Sochin as examples;
(b) Connecting with the floor using the last move of Kanku Dai as an example;
(c) From a low natural stance, jump on the spot into zenkutsu dachi / gyaku tsuki, and back immediately;
(d) As per (c) adding the migi combination on top;
(e) From a low natural stance, step 1/2 way back (dropping down), immediately 1/2 way forward into zenkutsu dachi with soto uke (using the ball of the foot to generate maximum power);
(f) As per (e) replacing soto uke with kizami tsuki;
(g) In zenkutsu dachi : maegeri (back leg) on the spot (stepping back) – maegeri (back leg) stepping forward – front leg mawashi geri (stepping back) – quickly jump to switch legs and start again immediately (use the jump and each landing to power the next technique);
(h) From a natural stance, punch gyaku to the left (preserving the natural stance), followed by kizami to the left (preserving the natural stance), followed by gyaku to the left again, but this time in zenkutsu dachi; back to the natural stance; same sequence migi to the right; (relax in between each individual technique)

Main takeaways : (1) being aware of your connection to the ground, use your body as a spring leveraging on our feet, the back leg, hips, core, and shoulders to generate maximum power ; (2) RELAX your upper body – ultimately with a view to transfer as much body mass as possible to the target.

Thank you to Langley Sensei and Martins Sensei for another great session.


Felipe’s session is available here. Scott’s is accessible here.