[ COMPETITION ] CKA Competition results

Today’s competition was a lot of fun with all grades showing off their skills. Below are the final results. Category 1st 2nd joint 3rd Junior Kata : 5 Kyu & above Christopher Pringle Aargaash Rajkumar Prakhash Rajkumar Jonathan Parmenter Junior Kata : 6th Kyu & below Thomas Allen Hugo Javaud Varoonan Sritharan Molly Smith Junior Kumite : 5th Kyu & above Nathan Kemp Christopher Pringle … Continue reading [ COMPETITION ] CKA Competition results

Two special courses taken by Sensei Croft (6th Dan) – 28th October 2012

Course 1 – Martial Qigong – all grades The course will provide an insight into the basic principles of Qigong and a Shaolin Qigong form called Ba Duan Jin. 10 a.m. -11.15 a.m. Course 2 – Brown and Black Belts The course will focus on specific areas of training to ensure good understanding of the techniques and consistency across Chiltern Karate Association. 11.30 a.m. – … Continue reading Two special courses taken by Sensei Croft (6th Dan) – 28th October 2012

[ COMPETITION ] Chiltern Karate Association Competition – 30th September!

Chiltern Karate Association will be holding an open day and karate competition for members only on Sunday 30th September. The competition is a great opportunity to put your skills to the test in a fun and controlled environment. The emphasis is on giving you experience of competition and you are encouraged to enter. If you cannot take part in the competition, you are welcome and … Continue reading [ COMPETITION ] Chiltern Karate Association Competition – 30th September!

Michael Thornton and Sensei Ashley Croft

[ FEATURE ] Michael Thornton: Thoughts on my last grading

When most students take up karate as a hobby or sport they will tell you that they have come along to keep fit, or to learn an art of self defence. The goal for most karateka ultimately is to be awarded a black belt. Unfortunately, if this is the only motivation to train then there is very little to keep the impetus going after you have acheived this goal.

Two years ago after a lot of hard work and sweat i managed to get awarded my black belt, and was told by several different senseis within the club that i had now come to the end of my training as a beginner, and could now become a proper student! Continue reading “[ FEATURE ] Michael Thornton: Thoughts on my last grading”

[ SEMINAR ] Rick Clark Course May 2011

We were pleased to once again host the internationally renowned Professor Rick Clark in May. Following an unfortunate fall whilst at Giants Causeway, we were unable to host Professor Clark for what seamed far too long. In his usual style we covered a vast number of techniques which I could only hope to describe here. We started with an arm lock combined with an upwards … Continue reading [ SEMINAR ] Rick Clark Course May 2011

[ COMPETITION ] CKA 2010 Competition & Open Day

On the 14th November 2010 the Chiltern Karate Association (CKA) held a KARATE Competition in Kata and Kumite at Chesham Community College.

The association which was founded in 1993 and is still headed by the much published Sensei Ashley Croft 6th Dan has many CKA Clubs or Dojo’s around Buckinghamshire in Chesham, Holmer Green, Denham, Aylesbury and Amersham, the association has approximately 150 active members — check out our locations.

The competition was organised by Sensei David Davenport, this was the first Club Competition to have been held by the Association in a number of years and was anxiously awaited by many members of the various Dojo’s. Continue reading “[ COMPETITION ] CKA 2010 Competition & Open Day”